KTM RC 390 and Duke 390 - the Mighty Lords of 200-400cc Market!

KTM RC 390 and Duke 390 - the Mighty Lords of 200-400cc Market!

Snapshot: KTM-Bajaj crash course in How to annihilate competition, the 390 duo!!

It was coming, everyone amongst us who have tinniest of the ideas of how the motorcycle industry in India works knew it was to happen. When incredible talent combines with Impeccable Business Intellect, the only thing that can happen is market dominance. That is exactly what the Joint Venture of KTM - Bajaj set out to achieve and they stand proven correct, proudly.

The 390 offerings by KTM - Bajaj has hit a bulls eye in the Indian Market. The way these 390 siblings have gone ahead and named the segment their own territory is bad news for other manufacturers. Up until the end of last month Bajaj had sold 3,077 KTM 390s in the current financial year. The previous best-seller of the segment, the Honda CBR 250R, of which 5,860 units were sold in the period of April-October 2013, could only find 784 buyers in the corresponding period this year!

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 found 414 homes in the same period (April-Oct.2014), but it's interesting to note that in the corresponding months of 2013, 583 units of the bike were sold. In fact, 99 Ninja 300s were sold in October 2013, whereas the last month only saw a sale of 33 units. Yes, the KTM 390s are to be blamed for sure, of which 1,493 units were sold in the last month.

While Suzuki India could only sell 12 Inazuma's last month, the Kawasaki Z250 did a quite respectable 24 units in comparison. And Hyosung is, apparently yet to sharing the numbers which we believe should come soon.

Yamaha obviously has nothing to offer here unfortunately, and while we can continue to dream of the YZF-R3, Bajaj will launch the Pulsar 400SS and perhaps even the Pulsar 400CS before we can see the tuning fork logo on that 321 cc parallel-twins.

The data shows that the KTM 390 twins are not just eating into the market share of other rival products but they have devoured them into submission.



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