KTM taking their Tiny but Mighty Hooligan Duke 390 to USA!

KTM taking their Tiny but Mighty Hooligan Duke 390 to USA!

Snapshot: US soon get a taste of Tiny yet Powerful Hooligan from KTM!!


The KTM Duke 390 is badass, it is ever so inclined towards being insanely unhinged hooligan at the slightest twist of the throttle. Trust us, these are no cons for a motorcycle, but this is what every motorcycle should be, a lunatic which is brash and will snap you left right and centre if you don't pay the respect it deserves. The Duke 390 is an incredible piece of Motorcycling design packed in the closest packed tolerances we have seen on an Indian manufactured thing on two -wheels.

It takes around at least 3 -4 decent runs on a Duke 390 to understand the other side of physics, the biggest surprise being , all this precise yet utterly deranged lunacy arrives from an Engine as tiny as a 375cc Single Cyclinder. A capacity which is easily considered s a case of mal-nutrition by global standards. What KTM has pulled off in that tiny little motorcycle is a soul of a mighty powerful hooligan, and it does not disappoint, ever.

Just like the RC390, the US market soon is going to meet this powerhouse of a motorcycle by KTM. KTM USA has also seen fit to bring the KTM 390 Duke to American soil for the 2015 model year. The absence of the small-displacement street bike on KTM USA’s line-up for the past two year has been a curious one, as the 375cc naked bike has been selling quite well in other markets.

Whatever reasons KTM USA might have for delaying the arrival of the KTM 390 Duke to the United States, the good news is that American riders will have it as an option starting next year. Pricing is set at $4,999, and includes Brembo brakes and WP suspension.

We tsted the Duke 390 - Oh Boy!!! it was Some Fun!!

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on 2014-11-14 12:37:16

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