KTM to replace its entire Indian line-up by 2017 with new models!

KTM to replace its entire Indian line-up by 2017 with new models!

Snapshot: the guys at KTM are not going to let others catch up to them this soon, plan complete replacement of product line with new platforms and motorcycles!!!

There is this energy, an agility and a sense on disregard to calmness in the DNA of KTM and all the products it makes. Look at any of the bikes the little (Giant) Austrian company's product and you will feel a sudden sense of movement and agility has engulfed you into it. 'Ready to Race' is a brand slogan for this brand due to a reason and KTM seems to take it seriously in any and everything it does.  

So it doesn't come as a surprise that the relentless always moving, always getting ahead in the game guys at KTM have a tendency to bring annual upgrades to their line up with serious additions every year and just new paint job and graphics are not something KTM likes to resort too. Just like the comparatively very new KTM RC390 receiving a whole lot of upgrades overall such as slipper clutch, ride by wire, new exhaust etc. for 2016, something other manufacturers just can't seem to follow (ever seen the products from a certain Chennai based maker?).

Now, it is being reported at many media outlets that Mr. Stephen Pierer, CEO KTM, has said that KTM has already started working on an all new generation of the platform that will replace the platform on which the already iconic models such as the KTM 125, 200 and 390 re based on and this all new platform will completely replace the current motorcycles by the end  of 2017. For local market, it is a great deal of proud that KTM will also source components and that includes engine components from India with help from its partner Bajaj. The idea is to have the bikes in the markets by 2017 end.

Pierer in a discussion with CNBC-TV18 also said that KTM-Bajaj plan to gradually phase the current crop of KTM products in India by late 2016. Interestingly the replacements for the current line-ups will be models that will comprise a completely new range of motorcycles based on all new platforms while being jointly developed by Bajaj and KTM. Most of these developments have originated from the fact that the upcoming Euro 4 emission regulation in the motorcycling market of UK has already taken the current designs to their limits and it is logical to design all new platforms to meet the future of emission regulations.

According to Pierer the new emission norms fuels a need some serious re-engineering thus making it possible to bring more technologically advanced and fresher products to the market, with suits with the age of the current line up. Pierer also said that the new motorcycles will not only be more emission friendly, but also will feature new engine and engineering while the  design and at the component level levels will also be new. It is being said that by 2017 all the KTM's in all the markets will be all new.

It is something that KTM needs to keeps its biggest Manufacturer in UK tag which it took from BMW last year. Also, KTM has set itself a target of 200,000 units for CY2016, 20,000 more than CY2015 for global sales and for the same, Bajaj will raise production of KTM models from 60,000 units in 2015 to 100,000 units.

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