KTM unleashes the demons with new engine maps

KTM unleashes the demons with new engine maps

Snapshot: Two maps - one for performance and another for city usage will be available soon to the KTM owners. Oh wait, and it will not affect your warranty

From the time the KTM Duke 200 was launched, people had been asking non-stop for remapping options. Some wanted their machines to be optimised for performance, some for better fuel efficiency, rest for specific uses like rallys, track usage etc. etc. Some of them took the risk and used the after-market options available, some were happy , and some were still asking for more, but the main thing remained the same - they all feared for the bikes to remain fine, because none of these bikes was covered under the warranty once an after-market ECU was put on it.

Now, there is nothing to worry about as these maps, being KTM Austria approved, will not affect the warranty. The first map will take care of the category who are unhappy with a stock KTM and are up for more, the performance map will churn out max from the engine and satisfy the hungry power mongers. The second one, is more suited for the people who find the performance of the stock bike, like Duke 390, too much to handle and want it to be slightly detuned to make it more pocket friendly.

The only issue remains, you can opt for only one map at a time. If you want your bike's behaviour to change, you will need to take it to the service-centre again.

The prices and date of availability for both these maps have not been released as of now by the KTM, but one thing is for sure, KTM has once again raised the bar in terms of customer satisfaction. 

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on 2014-04-28 02:24:40

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