KTM updates its off-road lineup for 2015

KTM updates its off-road lineup for 2015

Snapshot: In the year to come, KTM will update its XC, XC-W and EXC models

KTM has been globally known to be the pinnacle in the world of off-roading and motorsports and in 2015, KTM is adding a whole bunch of goodies to its off-roaders. The XC models get the most noticeable revisions, while the XC-W and EXC models see lesser, but worthy variations.


XC Models

This is the category that got the maximum attention from the Austrian manufacturer. The XC lineup will have its frame powder-coated in typical KTM orange. The black powder-coated rims will be covered by Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 tyres. The black anodised Neken handlebar will be clubbed with the new hand guards and grips.

The play of the front forks has been increased by increasing the forks by 8mm and stiffening the spring. A special setting will also be introduced which will be developed for cross country racing in the US. Front axle has been reduced by 4 mm to cut on the excess weight.


XC-W and EXC Models

The enduro lineup has been lavishly updated too. Some of the new updates include a MAE digital speedometer, Black anodised Neken handlebars, improved hand guards, softer compound grips and new tyres. The swingarm weighs less than before but has thicker walls.

The wiring harness and the ECU have been updated too and clubbed with lightweight connectors and fuse mounts to keep the weight of the motorcycle under check. The XC-W models will ride on the same Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 tyres whereas the EXCs will ride on Metzler Six Day DOT rubber.

 The four-stroke 250 XCF-W has its oil pump suction screen with new O-rings that are designed for better durability. The DDS clutch has been revised too. The gear ratios are shorter in fourth and fifth gear, but tall in sixth.

Similar to the 250, the DDS clutch on the 350 XCF-W and EXC-F has been updated too with the O-rings in the oil pump screens. The same has happened to 400 XC-W and 500 XC-W / EXC.

Apart from the new features added to the entire lineup, the200 XC-W has also received an all-new rear shock and a new carburetor setting for better power delivery.

Meanwhile, the engine settings for the  250 XC-W and 300 XC-W have been revised too. Ignition cover, clutch gasket, shorter gearing on the electric starter are some of the new developments along with the same changes as the 200 XC-W.

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