KTM Upgrades the 2015 Duke 390 with Slipper Clutch and more Goodies

KTM Upgrades the 2015 Duke 390 with Slipper Clutch and more Goodies

Snapshot: The awesome chaps at KTM just wont stop with their awesomeness, now adds slipper clutch to the incredible Duke 390..

The Duke 390 since it arrived to the Indian market has literally restructured the power dynamics throughout the motorcycle market spectrum in the country. The way KTM has created a motorcycle that is one outright hooligan machine with a performance that can surprise even a seasoned rider when ridden for the first few times, the little tiny Duke is one giant killing machine. No doubt the bike has achieved a cult legendary status in the country already and the KTM Bajaj alliance has finally managed to bring a present time counterpart of the iconic street bike, the legendary hooligan that was the RD350 from Yamaha.

Now, when the RC390 came to the market, we told you how KTM has promised that the Duke 390's track bred cousin will receive the slipper clutch assembly to kill whatever advantage the Ninja 300 could brag about over it and justify it exorbitant price in the country. However, when the Duke 390 for 2015 started reaching the showrooms, as shown in the recent photos from Motoroids, one can find a slew of changes and updates for the new model.

Essentially the additions and improvements are in the form of tweaks done to increase the reliability, comfort and handling of the machine. However, the big news is the addition of the slipper clutch to the 2015 Duke 390, a bike which looks exactly same as the 2014 version on the appearance front. The slipper clutch addition would mean that riders will find it easier to control the bike since the new clutch will prevent wheel locking under rapid downshifts.

In what is a well thought move by KTM, the USD forks and the rear monoshocks now come with a new extra plastic covering to protect them from dirt.  Cosmetically, there are slightly modified LED turn signals with black borders, and the handlebar grips have been updated to the ones that come on the RC 200/390. KTM India would now also increase the service interval for the 390 Duke from 5,000 km to 7,500 km giving riders more gap between services. The price revision has not been updated from KTM as yet, however, expect to see an increase in prices soon. 

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on 2015-02-19 01:04:10

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