KTM's Shotgun in a Fist-Fight going to USA - RC390 to be priced $5499!

KTM's Shotgun in a Fist-Fight going to USA - RC390 to be priced $5499!

Snapshot: KTM is taking RC390 to USA, competition needs to be scared, very scared!

KTM is on a roll is an understatement of understatements. The single minded, ruthless, no stones left turned approach KTM took to create the RC390 has given birth to a Motorcycle which is an apt motorcycle for you and it doesn't matter which continent you belong to. The RC390 will plaster that madly satisfying grin on your face, the only language we motorcyclists care about.

In what is a great news for the small-displacement sport bike fans at US of A, the KTM North America has finally confirmed that the KTM RC390 is coming for the American market. The 375cc four-stroke single-cylinder street bike is good for 44hp, and tips the scales at 159 kg kerb. On the larger side, displacement-wise, compared to the Honda CBR300R, Kawasaki Ninja 300, and Yamaha YZF-R3, the KTM RC390 also packs a bit more on the price tag. Pricing will be $5,499 MSRP, in the United States.

European motorcyclists have been enjoying the RC390 across the pond, and finally KTM USA has felt confident enough with the RC390’s sales there to send the small-displacement machine to North America.
Brands like Honda and Kawasaki have already had great success with their 250cc/300cc machines in the USA, and Suzuki and Yamaha are looking to capitalize on that situation as well.

The 2015 KTM RC390 will come with a trellis frame, WP upside-down 43mm front forks, LED lighting, ABS, lightweight cast aluminium swingarm, and lightweight aluminium wheels.

KTM's Hitman RC390 going to Indonesia - Has Yamaha R25 in sight!!

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