Learn to ride on a Harley-Davidson Street 500

Learn to ride on a Harley-Davidson Street 500

Snapshot: Harley-Davidson's riding school will have the aspirants learn the art of motorcycling on the new Harley-Davidson Street 500. We really hope that the company soon gets both of them to India. The new bike as well as the academy

Harley-Davidson USA has now refurbished and renamed its riding institution to now accommodate students who are absolutely new to riding. The new Harley-Davidson Riding Academy takes over from where the previous H-D riding school left after training more than 3,50,000 riders over the last 14 years. The revised course comes with all-new bike too - the Harley-Davidson Street 500. 

Angela Thundercloud, Rider Training Manager, Harley-Davidson, said, “For years we have been delivering a life-changing, freedom-inspiring training experience. Now we’re taking rider training to a new level by incorporating a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that students will want to keep riding long after class is over.”

The old Harley-Davidson program, a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)-approved rider training experience, has been assisting new riders in building confidence whereas the refreshed course promises to provide everything that a new learner would need to take the first step on their motorcycle riding journey. The learners would go through a minimum of 20 hours of combined classroom and range training. A batch of six students will be shown the ropes by one MSF-certified instructor and the students are required to bring the requisite riding gear to the class.

The new learners would be really lucky to learn on the new Harley-Davidson Street 500 which, in  the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy, uses an industry-first Power Limit Calibration, which restricts the bike's maximum speed in low-gears - a very thoughtful safety feature indeed. The bike would also be given a Protection Kit that would keep the Street 500 from getting damaged in the event of a tip-over.

The company says that in many US states, riders won't need to take an additional road test to get licensed if they successfully complete the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy course. Plus, it is being said that several insurance providers will offer discounts to the Academy graduates. 

At present, more than 180 Harley-Davidson dealers offer the training course in the US, however, the company is also in the process of bringing the program in Mexico, China, and South Africa. We would urge Mr. Anoop Prakash to bring the Academy to India as well.

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on 2014-04-29 11:15:16

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