Lightning Delivers First LS-218 Electric Superbike!

Lightning Delivers First LS-218 Electric Superbike!

Snapshot: Electrifying-ly Fast Lighting Motorcycles LS-218 delivered to 1st Customer!

Just a few days ago, we told you about the world's fastest Electric Superbike, The Lightning Motorcycles LS-218. The bike was officially unveiled in May 2014 and is the production version of the first electric motorcycle to exceed a land speed of 200 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. 

Now Lightning Motorcycles has delivered its first LS-218, the company’s 200-hp electric superbike. The first LS-218 (named for the bike’s Bonneville-recorded top speed of 218 mph) was delivered to Mr. Troy Helming, chief executive officer of renewable energy company Pristine Sun.

“The realization of the dream of bringing the LS-218 street superbike to market has been challenging and rewarding,” says Richard Hatfield, CEO of Lightning Motorcycle. “We could not have a better first customer than Troy Helming, CEO of Pristine Sun, a leader in renewable energy project development. We are thrilled to deliver our first street legal superbike for Troy to use for his daily commute.”

The Lightning LS-218 is powered by a liquid-cooled internal permanent magnet electric motor claiming 200 hp and 168 lb-ft. Lightning offers three battery pack options, promising a range of 100-120 miles on the 12 kwh pack, 120-150 miles on the 15 kwh pack and 160-180 miles on the 20 kwh pack. Charging time is said to be 30 minutes using a quick charger and 120 minutes on a level 2 charger.

The LS-218 uses high-end components including an Ohlins FGRT upside-down fork and TTX36 erar shock, dual radial-mount four-piston Brembo front brake calipers and Marchesini forged magnesium wheels. Lightning claims the LS-218 weighs 495 pounds. Pricing starts at $38,888.

Meet the Lightning Motorcycles LS-218 - The Electric Super(whoosh)bike!!

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