Little no more! KTM earns Over ?‚¬1 Billion in Revenue in 2015

Little no more! KTM earns Over ?‚¬1 Billion in Revenue in 2015

Snapshot: Oh boy! THOSE are pretty big numbers from a company that we are used to calling 'little'

The latest revenue earning figures for the year of 2015 for KTM has left us in doubt if we can call this Austrian motorcycle maker 'small' anymore? The reason you may ask, well KTM has just released figures stating that it earned over €1 Billion in Revenue in 2015 and THAT is a pretty big figure whichever way you look at it. This also, restates the fact that KTM is absolutely nailing it in terms of growth when European Motorcycle makers are concerned.

However, it is not exactly something new for this 'little' Austrian factory because within a short time span of five years, KTM has added over 1lakh motorcycles to its volume of production, internationally. As for the numbers, they speak of the fact that KTM and its owned Husqvarna sold a total of 1,80,801 motorcycles in the year 2015 and that roughly translates to a revenue of €1.02 billion in the process.

These numbers also indicate that this is a 14% increase for KTM as compared to 2014 in terms of units sold. The percentage increase in revenue generation has touched 18% while the income EBIT stands at a staggering €95 million. All this number crunching means that KTM has for the first time in its history has crossed the mythical figure of a billion Euros in revenue and a fifth consecutive year where KTM has shown such sales growth.

As per KTM, this record setting spree has made them the fastest growing motorcycle company in the world, a tag that we have been used to attaching with Royal Enfield.

Kudos to KTM for such a feat, and we would appreciate if you could bring the 690 Duke to Indian shores to celebrate this achievement and we have enough reasons to ask for that! 


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