Logical Guidelines by Government eases Helping people in Emergency Situations!

Logical Guidelines by Government eases Helping people in Emergency Situations!

Snapshot: helping people in emergency has become easier, your excuses are no longer valid, make a difference now!

The bottom line is, everyone should be readily available to help the people stuck in an emergency situation and there are no two ways around it, however, this is India and sometimes even the simplest of the things like stopping and helping someone who has suffered an emergency like an accident, isn't simple at all and this leads to people shying away from what is their core responsibility being a human. The archaic laws and a deeply rooted in-considerate behaviour in the system and the society alike has to blame for that a lot.

However, good governance can still make a huge difference in the way people perceive such situations, a small effort by the government could actually motivate people to help the ones in need instead of looking the other way and continuing. And, this is just what the government has done, and we are glad that the power corridors of the country understood the gravity of such issues and are willing to take steps in solving them.

As per the new guidelines, it becomes easier for people to go ahead in case of an emergency or an accident and do whatever they can do in the situation. A Delhi based NGO known as SaveLife Foundation had initiated the change with their petition for road safety that had inspired the honourable Supreme Court of India to take the matters in hand and issue guidelines on the same. As per the guidelines stated by the Supreme Court, it has mandated divulgence of personal information at the hospital, and unlike the olden times, one helping the needy will only be required to provide his/her address. Post which, you can leave the hospital and you won’t be required to stay put by the authorities. The hospital authorities can’t ask you for treatment money, either.

The Guideline further mandates that regardless of the severity of the incident, you won’t be held accountable, be it civil or criminal liabilities. Furthermore, in a welcome addition, in case you get challenged/intimidated by any of the authorities, they shall face legal action for their actions. In an event where a doctor refrains to attend to the accident victim, he/she shall face legal consequences. The eyewitness will be called upon only once for cases that lead to an investigation or court trial. The SC has tasked the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to issue these guidelines.

So now the Supreme Court and the Government has gone ahead and did their bit to make it easier for the common men to help their fellow humans, If only, now as a society we come together and make a difference of the right kind, for a change! Remember riders, Always help the ones in need, it is our core duty! and Yes! dont forget to be safe yourselves and go out riding with ATGATT (All the Gear All the Time).

Ride Safe!

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