Mahindra Mojo - Another Day Another Set of Spy Shots

Mahindra Mojo - Another Day Another Set of Spy Shots

Snapshot: The eternal series of spy shots gets added a few more...and still no Launch of Mojo in sight.....

Mahindra Mojo does know how to remain in limelight, it can be considered like one of those celebrities that even though does not do a lot of movies but are a constant buzz on the Page 3 circuit. However, we do commend the efforts Mahindra in putting in to make sure that the Mojo turn out to be an absolutely perfect product when it hit the roads. Saying that, we are STILL expecting the launch of the Mahindra Mojo even after what seems like a 1000 years or so, the mythical Mojo still eludes the Indian roads.

In the latest set of Spy shots, the Mahindra Mojo was spied by IAB reader Rohan Takalkar in Pune, in production specification. When shown at the AutoExpo 2014, the Mojo was powered by a 295 cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that produces 27bhp and 25Nm of torque. In those long delays, the fuel tank has been raised and so has the rear seat to give the rider a bucketed feel. The fronts forks also appear beefier than before, all this makes us believe that there might just be some changes on the specification of engines too, but chances of it happening are fairly less. Sporting  a raised handlebar with bar-end weights and buffed alloy levers, new knee recesses, sporty radiator shrouds and engine cowl, and a high-mounted LED taillamp, the Mojo shouts out aloud its touring inclinations and this would make it one incredible product in the segment as we are still having a shortage of proper touring machines in the market.

That brings us back to that one very very important question, when will Mahindra launch the Mojo in the Indian market? Because lets face it, after all these years of will they won't they, Mahindra has managed to blunt the excitement for this bike and last time we checked, that is not good news for  premium offering from a company that is still only learning how t make motorcycles. Though we are sure that Mahindra is mighty capable of bringing an astonishing product to the market, it is just that, it is high time now the Mojo gets to see the launch, a few more months from now, it might just remain in the R&D centre and serve as a design platform for a all new flagship.

If the chaps at Mahindra are reading this, We want the Mojo now, and seeing how the bike suits the touring kinds like us, we are utterly desperate to take it on long rides for we seriously believe that If Mahindra manages to make an engine that doesn't blow itself up, then a 292cc, 27bhp and 25Nm motorcycle might just be a motorcycle that will challenge the almost monopoly business of Royal Enfield in touring segment of India. Bring it on Mahindra!!!

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on 2015-02-10 02:16:36

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