Mahindra Mojo to be launched in next two months

Mahindra Mojo to be launched in next two months

Snapshot: New pictures of Mojo reveal that the engine has been fully black coated and few other minor changes present on the new Mojo

It’s quite a long time now since Mahindra has been testing its flagship motorcycle Mojo and till now it was uncertain when will Mojo make its way to the market. Mahindra has worked out a lot on the Mojo now and according to the latest news, Mojo is getting a power boost. In contrast with the old power output of 27bhp, the news is that Mojo’s 300cc engine is generating near 30bhp.

This is quite an impressive power output figure and if Mahindra manages to price Mojo sensibly, Mahindra might end up having a strong presence in the quarter-litre motorcycle segment. Apart from the power changes, there are new cosmetic changes observed on the Mojo. The engine has been coated black and gets a Mahindra badge on it. The grab rails are now longer than seen in the previous pictures of Mojo. The side panel of the tank gets a new grey colored plastic with Mahindra embedded on it. Apart from these minor changes the twin exhaust assembly, USD forks and Pirelli tires remains the same. Mojo sure looks like an interesting package and we cannot wait to put our legs on Mahindra’s new monster. Mahindra is planning to unleash this beast very shortly in next two months or so and when launched Mojo will go head to head against motorcycles like KTM 200 Duke and Honda CBR 250R. 

Source: Motorbeam

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on 2015-06-29 11:22:21

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