Mahindra's 150cc Bike to be ready for in 2016!

Mahindra's 150cc Bike to be ready for in 2016!

Snapshot: We like Mahindra's zest to strike big time in the two wheeler market!!

It is a well known fact the Mahindra's two wheeler division wants to play in every motorcycle segment out there and the fact that  Mahindra is indeed working on an all new 150cc motorcycle engine to and subsequently a bike that will rival the present  and future players in the market.

Now it has come to light that Mahindra Two Wheelers have plans to introduce their 150cc segment motorcycle this year itself. However, as of now, Mahindra is in the final testing rounds of its new 150cc power plant while the design and target audience for the Mahindra's 150cc offerings are yet to be finalized.

The all new 150cc motorcycle will have a ground up design in both engine and elsewhere with an all new chassis, all of which are being developed in-house at Mahindra Two Wheelers R&D centre in Pune. It is being reported that the all new powertrain will be BSIV compliant and should logically form as the base for future iterations in the segment.

At present Mahindra Two wheelers has just only started to get some traction among the motorcycle buying public with its portfolio of as many as five distinct feature rich variants of the Centuro commuter brand., while the long awaited but finally launched and well received Mojo takes up the higher capacity flagship charge.

The new bike will take care of the gap that exists in between the Centuro and the Mojo, however, its price point will be decided by the target customer base that Mahindra wants to cater too, however, logically the engine being developed will surely be designed to be flexible enough to power model in Bajaj Discover as well as Bajaj Pulsar 150 category.

With a passion to make itself count in the two wheeler market Mahindra seems to be getting ready for a wave of product onslaught in the market to capture not just the market share but also prove itself worthy of a truly Indian maker. With its scooter business getting on road and the Gusto brand being the fastest growing scooter brand in the country, and with the unveil of the Gusto 125 recently Mahindra is setting is claim clearly, It means business and that makes us excited. 

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on 2016-01-14 03:44:11

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