Man banned from Isle of Man for five years after violating spectator rules

Man banned from Isle of Man for five years after violating spectator rules

Snapshot: A 47 aged man, David Seager sentenced to 8 months of custody and banned from Isle of Man after violating public spectator rules

Following some incidents regarding violations of public rules by the race spectators, Isle of Man police recently alerted the TT spectators regarding not to break rules meant for TT spectators during the time of race. TT marshals have the same power and authority as police officers during the race times and they are responsible to keep everything under control. Recently a mid-aged man named David Seager was sentenced 8 weeks in custody and a ban of 5 years from Isle of Man. His custody was a result of his negligence; he was reportedly present on the closed roads during racing times and he committed public order offence under section two of the Public Order Act.

In a statement given to an international website, Inspector Derek Flint said, “Ignoring a closed roads order is a serious offence as far as we are concerned. The consequences could be catastrophic and as a result of that we will deal with all instances like this robustly.

“The way the racing has changed in terms of safety in recent years has to be reflected in spectator safety too. We cannot allow an accident to claim the lives of spectators and racers in an accident caused by someone on the closed roads.” 

Source: Motorcyclenews

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