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Marc Marquez becomes the first person ever to cross the Millennium Bridge on a motorcycle

Snapshot: In an event organised by Dorna Sports and BT Sport, Marquez crossed Thames river on his Repsol Honda motorcycle through Millennium Bridge

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Before the practice session begins on Friday at 0900 hours in London, Marc Marquez was in front of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Marquez who will start Sunday's race with a 77 point lead was there as a part of a pre-race event organised by Dorna Sports and BT Sport. After crossing the bridge, he thanked the fans with some good burnouts who were flocking the area and also their office balconies along the banks of the river.

"It was really nice to become the first ever person to cross the Millennium Bridge on a motorbike. This event was really important for MotoGP ahead of the British Grand Prix and we were very lucky with the weather - I normally expect rain in England! So to be here in the centre of London on such a bright day, riding over the River Thames and making history was a memorable experience. The slippery metal surface of the bridge did not make it easy, but I went as fast as I could," Marquez Said.