Marquez continues his trend; home podium for Rossi

Marquez continues his trend; home podium for Rossi

Snapshot: With Pedrosa finishing 4th, Rossi is now second in the point tally where Marquez, with 150 points, leads by 53 points

It was something almost everybody expected - magnificent. Rossi, being very fast in the practice session lost his pace in the qualifying and started 10th on the grid on Sunday. But, it didn't need anyone to have Edison's brain to know that the show would be spectacular. Marquez had called Mugello the toughest race of the year as he crashed last year with 3 laps remaining.

It was not an easy race for Marquez who had been enjoying the perfect score this season, as he had anticipated. The race was, for a short while in the first lap, led by Iannone who started second from the grid, but was soon overtaken by Lorenzo who won it here in 2013. Lorenzo was enjoying the lead for the first 17 laps of the race when he was overtaken by a desperate Marquez. The following laps witnessed Honda's prowess at the straights, but Lorenzo was using every corner he could to his benefit. Lorenzo was just 0.121 seconds behind Marquez when the chequered flag was waved.

The race was also Valentino Rossi's 300th Grand Prix and people expected a show that was nothing but splendid from the Italian who started from 10th spot. And this disappointing start left no room for him to think of a comeback as the first few laps made enough space for Marquez and Lorenzo to take a comfortable lead.

On the performance, Rossi commented, “The practice and the weekend were a little difficult. I think I had a chance to fight with them, but we gave that away yesterday in qualifying. From the fourth row it is very hard to win. I was very lucky in the beginning and could overtake many riders who used the slip stream yesterday in qualifying. It is good to be back on the podium in Mugello, it is very special.”

Commenting further on the result, he said, “It is always a great emotion, the podium in Mugello with the crowd. Already from this morning it was great with all the fans. Today was a great day for MotoGP, great track, great race with Jorge and Marc. I am happy because we are at a good level and I can always see Jorge and Marc. I of course want to do better, but from fourth row it is good.”

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on 2014-06-02 12:11:05

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