Marzocchi's Suspension business saved, Sold to Italian Company VRM!

Marzocchi's  Suspension business saved, Sold to Italian Company VRM!

Snapshot: Iconic Italian suspension maker saved from oblivion, sold to VRM, an Italian automotive component maker!!

Past few months have been filled with news regarding the plans of shutting down of the suspension building unit of Marzocchi. We have reported earlier too the parent company Tenneco was planning to shut shop on the suspension brand Marzocchi as the company was regularly making loses as  it was finding the intense competition and development costs higher than the expected return from the investments.

Marzocchi has been a famous name in the industry and was widely used by a number of famous motorcycle manufacturers, such as Ducati, Benelli, Triumph etc. In fact, Marzocchi suspension has been for years the favourite go to brand of suspension for entry level motorcycles by niche motorcycle builders.

Now, good news is coming in for the fans of the suspension maker as an Italian automotive company that is based out of Bologna province of Zola Predosa, known as VRM. As already discussed, a sword loomed over the future of the company and its 70 employees, as Tenneco seemed to have decided on shutting down its suspension business.  

However, after the involvement of the labour unions and the local government, Marzocchi has been saved from liquidation and will be sold to VRM S.p.A and is a company that supplies companies like BMW, Ducati and MV Agusta with precision metal parts, like chassis components and engine castings. Thus, it may have been a sensible decision for VRM to go for the purchase of Marzocchi as the company seem to support VRM's core business expertise.

However, the finer details of the deal of purchase of Marzocchi brand between Tenneco and VRM are not yet known, nor there has been a clarification my VRM regarding what future they plan for Marzocchi. Though, it is but expected that the suspension maker will keep supplying suspension components to motorcycle manufacturers but it is less likely that Marzocchi bicycle business will survive.

VRM will have a bit of work to do, in order to make Marzocchi relevant in the increasingly complicated and competitive suspension industry. It will be interesting to see what results the Italians can produce.

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on 2016-01-07 05:39:10

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