Michelin to join hands with TVS tires

Michelin to join hands with TVS tires

Snapshot: Michelin ventures with TVS to start production of tires

The French rubber manufacturer has ventured with the Indian motorcycle and tire manufacturer TVS to start a new production unit at the TVS’s existing plant. Michelin is a world class tire manufacturer who is known for the production of affordable high quality vehicle tires. Due to the growing needs of Michelin tires in the Indian market, the French rubber manufacturer has decided to join hands with Indian motorcycle and rubber manufacturing giant TVS.

It has been decided that the new production unit will be established at the TVS’s present Madurai plant. The new products will be designed by the Michelin themselves and will be produced by the TVS under the Michelin’s tag. Apart from the new production of tires the manufacturing unit will also be used for making existing TVS’s tires as well. Both the companies have decided that the annual production rate from the new production set up will be around 3.6 million tires. Michelin is known for delivering high performance tires at the affordable prices.  The company covers wide variety of two-wheeler tires such as has Pilot Sporty, Sirac Street, Pilot Street Radial and Pilot Road 2 for the Indian market. While some category of tires such as /Racing, Touring/Street and Dual Sport are offered outside India. 

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on 2015-06-08 02:42:14

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