Moto GP 2015 - Bridgestone brings 2 new tyres for the Season!

Moto GP 2015 - Bridgestone brings 2 new tyres for the Season!

Snapshot: Bridgestone takes the tyre provision further by 2 new tyres for Moto GP!!!

Over past many years since Bridgestone has been a spec tyre supplier to the premier class, it has never been shy of taking brave steps and the level of commitment of this Japanese tyre giant to make the Moto GP safer for the riders has only grown through years. As Michelin is poised to be the spec supplier from 2016 onwards meaning that 2015 is the last year for Bridgestone to design and develop it tyre for Moto GP, but, it has not stopped it from taking the field forward. For this year, Bridgestone has added 2 new tyres to its collection which it offers to riders in the Moto GP class throughout the season.

A new extra-hard rear will be made available at a few of the more abrasive circuits on the calendar, while the asymmetric front, debuted at Phillip Island last year, will also be available at more tracks. Two new tires means two new colour coding, to distinguish them from the existing allocation of tires. The extra hard rear will carry a yellow stripe around the side, while the asymmetric front will be marked by a light blue band on the sidewall. The existing colour coding for the remainder of the tires remain unchanged, as shown in the tire chart and table below. The extra hard tire is to be introduced in Argentina for the first time, where the circuit proved to be tough on tires. Both Argentina and Indianapolis are extremely abrasive, and placed heavy demands on the hard compound rear tire. Whether all the riders will use the extra hard at the circuits remains to be seen.


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