Moto GP - Jack Miller Operated, Plate removed from Shoulder!!

Moto GP - Jack Miller Operated, Plate removed from Shoulder!!

Snapshot: Jack Miller goes under knife to remove plate from his Collarbone!!!

This is a sort of a mandatory requirement for the racers at the highest level, having some sort of metal plate inserted in their bodies, mostly shoulders. Almost every rider on the paddock has either have had the plates removed from his body due to some nasty crash, or is in line to get it removed soon. This is a clear indication of just how risky this sport really is and it also tells us just how gritty these Men are, the Moto GP is filled with stories of riders who raced in excruciating pain to achieve thrilling results in the races. These are not just one of the fittest athletes in the world but are also one of the most strong willed out there too.

With testing now over, Jack Miller has joined the ranks of riders undergoing surgery in the off season. Flying back from Sepang to Barcelona, Miller had an operation to remove four loose screws from his right collarbone, the aftermath of an old injury sustained at Indianapolis in 2013.

That injury was fixed with a plate, but preseason crashes on the KTM Moto3 bike caused a number of complications for the Australian. With testing completely, Miller now has time to have the remaining screws removed from his shoulder, and allow it to heal. Miller will be unable to train for five days while the scar heals, but will be able to resume his training program after that.

Miller’s surgery means that both LCR Honda riders have now gone under the knife. Cal Crutchlow had an operation on November 14th to remove a plate from his left collarbone, which has been inserted in 2011. The Englishman also had some arthritis cleaned up from the same shoulder, the accumulated damage from several falls over the years. Crutchlow’s recovery is complete, and he has since flown to California, where he will be training over the winter in preparation for the Sepang tests.

The Australian teenager had four loose screws and a plate removed from an old right collarbone injury, during an operation performed by the MotoGP medical team's renowned Dr. Xavier Mir in Barcelona. 

“I am really happy to finally have this operation to take out the titanium in my shoulder which is no longer needed,” Miller said. “The operation was a success and it was not long 'till I felt very comfortable. I hope to have a quick recovery and focus all my attention on working for the 2015 season. 

“These recovery days are the perfect time for me to see how we can come back stronger in 2015. I would like to say a massive thank you to Doctor Mir and all his staff for their excellent work and their care.” 

The first Moto GP test of 2015 takes place at Sepang in February.

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