Moto Guzzi MGX-21 Prototype - Make this already!!

Moto Guzzi  MGX-21 Prototype - Make this already!!

Snapshot: Stunning crusier concept by Moto Guzzi at EICMA 2014!!

Moto Guzzi, under the Piaggio stable, is known to make some of the most iconic designs in motorcycle world. This Italian manufacturer has been around since ages and keeps churning out absolutely gorgeous motorcycles year o year. EICMA being an Italian event to start off with, has always witnessed previews of some of the most iconic Moto Guzzi's of all time.

Cruisers design are generally a format which is hard to innovate in terms of design and its execution. That being said, it’s hard to pass on the lurid Moto Guzzi MGX-21 prototype that is on display at this year’s EICMA show.

A reworked Moto Guzzi California 1400, the MGX-21 is clad in carbon fiber, matte black paint, and red highlights. The carbon fiber disc wheels are a nice touch too (that’s a 21″ wheel up front, by the way), as are the sweeping lines from the front cowl and fenders.

We’re finding ourselves a bit smitten with this Moto Guzzi, as true to the brand, it strays from the cruiser norm. The Moto Guzzi’s press release explain the MGX-21, and we think you are going to like what Guzzi is trying to convey in it.

“And so, alongside the new Eldorado and Audace, introducing the spectacular MGX-21. Motorcycles built in the grand Guzzi tradition, exploring new territories with a courage and boldness that Moto Guzzi has always had.

“MGX-21 is the emblem, the most extreme summary of this fascinating and courageous project. It is a surprising idea that opens up a new path to touring according the Moto Guzzi. MGX-21 takes and combines elements, seeks out the influence of different cultures but drafts each foundation to lead everything back to the riding experience which belongs to every Moto Guzzi.

“Only those who have very deep roots, those who do not suffer from an identity crisis can afford such an extreme style. Moto Guzzi can dare, can look forward, even far into the future, without uncertainty, without the fear of venturing beyond the frontier. Here is the spectacular 21” front wheel, extraordinarily evocative, here is a new and comfortable environment for the rider, but above all, here is the legendary rideability of a Moto Guzzi.

“And so the MGX-21 project is born with an unmistakable goal: to be a Moto Guzzi “inside,” to always feel the road running beneath its wheels, to always feel the rhythm of the large 1400cc Twin-cylinder between the rider’s legs which, as has been the case since 1921, is hand built on the shores of the Lario and ready for any frontier in the world.”

Well then, enough said, where do we sign up to buy one?

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