MotoGP 2015 - Dani Pedrosa's Armpump Shocker may make him miss races this Season

MotoGP 2015 - Dani Pedrosa's Armpump Shocker may make him miss races this Season

Snapshot: Sad news as Dani Pedrosa might miss coming races due to a severe arm pump injury!!!

In a shocking announcement after the Round 1 of MotoGP 2015, Dani Pedrosa has announced that he is suffering from an acute case of arm pump and even after consulting doctors throughout the globe getting an operation seems to be the only way out to deal with this issue. However, Pedrosa has been suggested not to go for the operation has it presents a considerable risk since he has already had 2 operation on his same right forearm for arm pump already.

After the race at Qatar, which saw Pedrosa coming in sixth place, the Spaniard revealed that he has been suffering with severe arm pump for the past year, which has been badly affected his results. This leads us in a uncertain territory, whether he will race at Austin is uncertain, and whether he could miss more than one race is equally unknown. It seems likely, at this point given in time and the fact that this injury has been there since long, this might make Pedrosa miss a significant part of the first half of the season. If he does miss any races, it is unknown at this time who Honda might select to take his place. The most likely candidate will be either HRC's official test rider, Hiroshi Aoyama, or someone from a satellite or Open Honda team. Aoyama is the most likely candidate, as he raced until the end of last year. Although Casey Stoner is officially a HRC test rider, he has made it amply clear that he has no desire to race in MotoGP.

In the post-race press release, Pedrosa was quoted as saying the following:

"Tonight’s race didn’t go to plan and unfortunately, I had serious problems with my right forearm which isn’t good news for me. I worked very hard over the winter in order to find a solution, because I was suffering in every race last season. Every doctor recommended that I not undergo another operation and I have tried to look for alternatives, but by the looks of things nothing is working positively for it. Now I have to assess my options and see what I can do. It is probably the most difficult moment of my career. I will do my best to find a solution but in this moment it is difficult to imagine what it could be."

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