MotoGP 2015 - Donington Park pulls out, leaves British GP in Danger

MotoGP 2015 - Donington Park pulls out, leaves British GP in Danger

Snapshot: Donigton Park pulls out of deal leaving the 2015 British MotoGP in jeopardy!!

In what has been a rather shocking turn of events, Donington Park announced it was breaking off its partnership with the Circuit of Wales to host the British GP. In the statement, Donington claimed that it had not received the funding promised to it by the Circuit of Wales, which was needed to perform the upgrades required for MotoGP. With no money forthcoming, Donington had no choice but to break the contract, leaving the British round of MotoGP without a home, at least temporarily.

Reports are suggesting that Silverstone will be hosting the British GP instead, however clarification on it yet to be confirmed. Donington had claimed that they had not received the funds agreed, which were necessary to bring the British track up to the standard required to host a Grand Prix, but the Circuit of Wales statement claims that the sequence of events is precisely the reverse. Without a contract with Donington, the Circuit of Wales claims, they were unwilling to provide the funds which Donington needs for upgrades.

Though the fact that Donington Park announced they are pulling out of the deal at such a late stage caused a shock, it is not entirely unexpected. Donington had been awarded the contract to host the British Grand Prix as part of a deal with the Circuit of Wales. The Circuit of Wales had agreed a five-year contract with Dorna to organize the British race back in August last year, after protracted talks to host the race at the facility. However, the planning process has been subject to extensive delays, in part over the allocation of public land to the circuit, and in part due to the funding of the project.

We will update the about the fate of the British GP as we get further news on the same.


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