MotoGP 2015 - Marquez's Finger Injury is healing well

MotoGP 2015 - Marquez's Finger Injury is healing well

Snapshot: The reigning world champion is sure that he will be 100% fit for the Le Mans race!!!

A few days before the Jerez race at Spain two weeks ago, the reigning world champion, had a crash during a motocross training session where he crashed from his bike only to find his friend riding alongside him to ride over his left hand, thereby fracturing his little finger. After getting operated to mend the fracture, Marquez participated at the Jerez race, riding through pain whole of the race weekend he finished a much deserving 2nd after Jorge Lorenzo's brilliance filled victory.

The fractured finger meant that Marquez had to use his right hand more due to the uneasiness caused by the operated finger, all this caused way more stress on Marc's right hand ending up causing arm pump issues for the 2 time world champion.

Now with 2 more weeks of proper race, Marc Marquez is surely that he will be competitive at the French GP. It also marks a first race since Qatar 2015 that Honda will see the services of its two official riders again at the premier class with Dani Pedrosa's return.

Marc Marquez has commented, "Since Jerez we’ve been able to rest and now I’m feeling much stronger for this weekend. I visited Dr. Mir for a check up and my finger is definitely improving and healing well. I haven’t trained much this past week in order to give my finger a chance to restore back to 100%, which was our main goal. I like the Le Mans track, the weather is always changeable but last year it was really good and I took my first win in the MotoGP class, so let’s hope it’s the nice for us again this year!"


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