MotoGP 2015 - Yonny Hernandez injures Shoulder while Training

MotoGP 2015 - Yonny Hernandez injures Shoulder while Training

Snapshot: The Pramac Ducati rider has suffered a dislocated shoulder at a dirt track training crash!

The Pramac Ducati rider has dislocated his shoulder after a crash while training at a dirt track. The Columbian rider fell heavily on his left shoulder, dislocating it. This crash meant that Hernandez will be missing the first Sepang test schedule in early February on 4th to 7th of Feb, 2015. He will be replaced by the factory Ducati test rider Michele Pirro.

However, the injury on Hernandez's dislocated shoulder were micro fractures  while the tendons and ligaments were undamaged, meaning the Columbian will be able to attend the second Sepang test in all probability. It should be noted that the shoulder is a very complex joint, held together by a complicated network of tendons, cartilage and ligaments which allow it to move freely, but is vulnerable to damage. Such delicate and complex joint if damaged in the connecting tissue of  a shoulder can severely hamper riding ability and even end careers, as it did for Ben Spies.

The press release from Pramac Racing appears below:

Yonny Hernandez to miss Sepang 1 test due to shoulder injury

Pramac Racing announces that Yonny Hernandez can’t participate for the Sepang test scheduled in February 4th to 7th.

During a Dirt Track training session, the Colombian rider was involved in a crash and suffered of left shoulder dislocation. The exams showed microfractures without any lesion to ligaments and tendons. Recovery times are estimated in three weeks. Yonny Hernandez will be available for the second test session at Sepang scheduled in February 23rd to 26th. Pramac Racing also announces that Michele Pirro, official Ducati test-rider, will replace Yonny Hernandez in the first test session test in Malaysia.

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