MotoGP - Andrea Iannone has a Fracture in his Elbow, Will still race at Mugello!

MotoGP - Andrea Iannone has a Fracture in his Elbow, Will still race at Mugello!

Snapshot: These riders we tell you are Super Humans!!!

These MotoGP racers are super humans!!! If you have been following the sport, you would know of uncountable stories of how riders suffering from injuries that may send shivers down normal peoples spine had gone through riding in the cut throat racing at the premier class suffering through acute pains and yet coming out triumphant with great race results.

If you were following the last MotoGP race at Le Mans two weeks ago, you would have read our story about how the factory Ducati team rider Andrea Iannone has suffered a dislocated shoulder after a crash during the second day of private testing at Mugello few days before the French GP. Iannone rode through acute pain throughout the Le Mans race weekend, surviving the pains through pain killers, and after everything, he finished a brilliant 5th showing just how incredibly strong the will to race these racers have.

Now, according to a Ducati Press release, tough times are not over for the Italian rider, as Doctors have found a hairline fracture in his funny bone, a rather disappointing development for Iannone as it means that he is again up for a pretty tough race weekend at Mugello and he again would have to grit his teeth and ride through pain.

Regarding the development Iannone has said, “For sure on Sunday I will race at Mugello but it’s going to be difficult for me to be 100% fit. A couple of days ago I stopped taking pain-killers and yesterday I did an MRI scan. Unfortunately they found a hairline fracture at the tip of my funny bone, and to be sincere that was a bit of a nasty surprise. The swelling still causes me a lot of pain and I am continuing to do laser therapy in an attempt to get it to go down as soon as possible. In any case, I’ll have to grit my teeth like I did at Le Mans, because it’s far too important for me and for Ducati to have a good race in front of the Mugello fans.”

Why would he even race you would ask now?? Because he is a racer, and that is how these beings are designed, That's Why!!

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