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MotoGP approves the use of 340 mm discs on all circuits

Snapshot: Initially, Motegi was the only circuit where using a 340 mm disc was mandatory and Sepang and Catalunya were the only two circuits where it was optional

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The Grand Prix Commission has unanimously decided, keeping in the mind the safety of all the racers, to modify the rules governing the size of the front carbon disc brakes in the MotoGP class. Currently, the regulations allow two disc sizes to be used; the 320 mm discs are to be used on all the tracks except Motegi where it is mandatory to use 340 mm discs and at Montmelo and Sepang, it is optional to use the 340 mm discs.

This development has happened following a recommendation from the Safety Commission and with the support of the brake manufacturers. Now onwards, the use of 340 mm disc brakes will be optional for all circuits except Motegi where the use of it remains mandatory.