MotoGP - Ducati Riders take to a different race in the build up for Mugello!

MotoGP - Ducati Riders take to a different race in the build up for Mugello!

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The MotoGP riders live an envious and a thrilling life. From getting chance to ride one of the most technologically advanced piece of machinery on the planet to being idols for generations of people. Though their life isn't rosy always, the risks are profound and if in days of severe injuries and excruciating pains, these riders set example of their extremely tough will power as they ride gritting their teeth and show the world.  Saying that, the Ducati riders from the factory team and the Satellite teams took to a different race and in a very different format.

The race in concern was, the Palio di Siena horse race. The race is one of the oldest and unique traditions in Italy. Twice a year, people gather in the picturesque setting of the Piazza del Campo for a horse race with a difference, one that combines tradition with passion like no other.

However, these are motorcycle racers and when you say race to them, they will turn up with their bikes, Simple you see! So as part of the Gran Premio d'Italia TIM held at the Autodromo del Mugello, the square played host to a race with a small difference, for there were only two teams in the running, the Factory Ducati Team and the Satellite Octo Pramac Racing team, with four rather different sort of “horses” that showed up to race.

Following the event, the riders were heard saying -

Andrea Iannone -  “That was fantastic, there was an amazing atmosphere and I am honoured to have been involved with something that it is part of Italian history.”

Andrea Dovizioso -  “A podium at Mugello is worth double, because of what it means to the team and the passion of the home fans.”

Yonny Hernandez -  “For me it is important to continue to stay in the top ten, and this is our aim at Mugello.”

Danilo Petrucci - “I am looking forward to good result in front of the incredibly passionate and knowledgeable home crowd!”

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