MotoGP heads to Rossi's playground

MotoGP heads to Rossi's playground

Snapshot: Mugello - where Rossi won every year from 2002-08 - is the next destination of MotoGP, and everyone expects it to be one hell of a race

The MotoGP leader, Marc Marquez said a few days ago that there is a good chance that the nine time world champion, Valentino Rossi, might end his winning streak on Sunday. Mugello is Rossi's backyard and he is a force to reckon with every time he is here. To make it a little more timid for Marquez, Rossi has been on podium thrice out of five races.

A few days ago Rossi had joked about how he wished he had mat Marquez earlier in his career. On Marquez, Rossi had said, “You know, Marquez is clearly in another league. I understood that already last year and I said, ‘F***!’ It’s difficult, I should have met him and fought with him when I was 22! Anyway, it is good motivation because the level is so high and if you want to beat him you have to give it more than 100%.”

Rossi who is 35 at the moment will push himself to the max at Mugello as he doesn't want to disappoint his fans there. On the other hand, Marquez will be trying to maintain his perfect record of starting every race from pole this year and eventually winning it.

"It's 25 points for the victory like the other races but it's a question of honour at Mugello. It's a special weekend, one of my favourites. I'm looking forward to it because Jorge won with the Yamaha at Mugello for the last three years and he always did fantastic races," said Rossi.

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on 2014-05-28 01:31:20

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