MotoGP Legend Casey Stoner meets a different kind of Italian at Lamborghini!

MotoGP Legend Casey Stoner meets a different kind of Italian at Lamborghini!

Snapshot: A legend meets an Icon! Casey Stoner visits Lamborghini Factory!!

The MotoGP legend Casey Stoner, is not new to the world of Italian exotics, for he has ridden the Ducati GP machines the way no one ever could imagine and the way he had raced those extra ordinarily tough bike to ride and win races on it has made sure that he will be remembered forever in the GP paddock. Known to possess the "Traction Control Wrist" , Casey was nothing short of a phenomena on MotoGP machines withmajority of his career spend at Ducati.  

Having retired at a rather early age of 27 years, Casey has continued being part of the MotoGP development at Honda where he is a test rider for future Honda GP machines. A few days ago, Casey had visited Sant’Agata Bolognese, Yes! the place where the IConic Lamborghini's are manufactured and needless to say, even Lamborghini was honoured to have such a special guest in Casey Stoner. The suoerstar raacer was welcomed by Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

Csey was given a special tour of the Lamborghini facility by the bossman Winkelmann and Maurizio Reggiani, Board member for Research & Development of Lamborghini, where Casey witnessed up close the manufacturing process of one of the most iconic sportscars of automobile world. Alongwith the plant tour, Casey also visited the Lamborghini museum and the collection of legendary Lambo's through the company's history.

Speaking about his experience at Lamborghini’s factory Casey Stoner said, “For me it has been an incredible day, it’s something that I’ve wanted to since I was a very young boy, to get the opportunity to drive one of these cars and see how everything is made. In the past I’ve had very close relationships with Italian companies and I’ve seen how much effort and passion goes into every aspect, from design to the manufacturing. For me to see first-hand what’s involved in these cars has gone well beyond my expectations. It is something which has given me a whole new way of looking at Lamborghini and what it means as a brand.” Towards the end on the visit, Winkelmann also gave Casey Stoner a sparkling Lamborghini Huracan, to test for some days.



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