MotoGP - Marquez breaks finger during Training, Might miss Jerez Race

MotoGP - Marquez breaks finger during Training, Might miss Jerez Race

Snapshot: Things look bad for reigning world Champion as he has suffered a fracture during training crash!!

The opening part of the 2015 MotoGP season seems to have been a particularly tough beginning for the reigning world champion and it has been such a start that sees Marquez only at number 5 of the overall rider standings and a whopping 30 points behind the championship leader Valentino Rossi. If the rather disappointing 5th place finish at the opening round at Qatar was not enough to hurt Marquez charge from the start itself, the debacle at Argentina where Marquez crashed while fighting for the lead with Vale losing precious points against his biggest rival this season so far. However, Marquez did win the race at Austin in his usual dominant style, but, more or less the season beginning has been a tough going for Marquez.

Now, things might just get a bit more problematic for Marc Marquez because he has suffered a crash during dirt track training and has broken his little finger of his left hand. Marquez is suffering from a displaced fracture of the proximal phalange in the little finger of his left hand. This means that the bone between the hand and the first knuckle was broken, and the two parts of the bone moved. The press release issued by Honda is strangely hesitant about Marquez' prospects of racing at Jerez. The press release says, in rather unconventional wording, that Marquez participation at Jerez "has not been ruled out." The aim for Marquez will be to ride, but the injury sustained is a particularly difficult one.

Marquez' injury puts the Repsol Honda team in a difficult situation for Jerez. Dani Pedrosa is not yet confirmed as racing at the Jerez circuit, and if Marquez is forced to miss the race as well, HRC would need to field two replacement riders. With both riders likely to undergo medical checks on the Thursday, we may not know who is racing for the Repsol Honda team until Friday morning at the earliest, and Saturday afternoon at the latest.

Stay with us as we keep you updated about this turn of events in MotoGP!

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