MotoGP - Politics causing Dark Clouds over 2015 Brno Race, May get Cancelled!

MotoGP - Politics causing Dark Clouds over 2015 Brno Race, May get Cancelled!

Snapshot: Will they wont they? and a beautiful race in doubt because of it!!


As much as money causes the things to move it also causes them to arrive a dead end! After years of uncertainty that has shrouded the Spanish round of Brno now, the core culprit being Money and the fact that who will fund the race among the two, Karel Abraham Sr., who owns the circuit or the South Moravian government, the government of the region in which the Brno Circuit exists. The main issue with the race is about control, and about money. Circuit owner Abraham Sr. claims he cannot afford the €2.73 million sanctioning fee demanded by Dorna to host the race, and was therefore subsidized by the city council of Brno and the regional government of South Moravia.

According to the circuit they are yet to receive the promised amount from the government, on the other hand meanwhile, Governor of the region, Mr. Hasek is persuading Dorna to award the contract to the South Moravian government, and allow them to organize the race.

Ironically, it comes as a surprise that the Brno owner is quoting lack of money to organize the event, because the Brno race is a profitable one. With the least expensive ticket the track being 68 Euros last year and a spectator attendance for the 3 day event being more than 240,000, that would mean even if everybody bought the cheapest ticket, that would still have brought in considerably more than 9 million Euros to the track, moreover the data suggests that track get tickets sales over 40% above of the number where it becomes profitable for the track.

In order to make sure that the two parties at fight come to a decision soon, Ezpeleta, the MotoGP Boss has now issued an ultimatum to both Abraham Sr. and Hasek. If the two cannot reach agreement on the situation and in the week following Mugello, then the 2015 Brno round will be cancelled with immediate effect, and there will be a three week break between Indianapolis on August 9th and Silverstone on August 30th. This step has been taken in a hope to get the two parties talking again on this point. The race is a profitable affair for the circuit and the region as it brings a large amount of money into the South Moravia region, generating employment and tax revenue. While both parties are willing to have the race, but neither party appears willing to concede.

Hope the situation is clear, and we get to see the race flowing smoothly on the Brno Track!!

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