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Motor Vehicle pact signed by Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal today

Snapshot: The Motor Vehicle pact will ease the transportation and tourism aspects between all the four BBIN countries

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Good news for the wanderer folks! Today a Motor Vehicle pact was signed by the BBIN nations (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal) this pact will ease the transportation across our neighboring nations. All the vehicles including passenger and commercial vehicles can be driven across the national borders without any hassle.

The transport ministries of BBIN countries came together to sign the Motor Vehicle pact in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. This pact will result in safe, environmentally sound and economical efficient road transport that will be in interest of all the BBIN nations. The Union Cabinet had already approved the agreement earlier this month. The pact will not only enhance the safe and environmentally sound transport but it will also positively affect the mutual cross-border movements of passenger and goods between all the BBIN countries.   

Source: Buisness-standard