Mumbai RTO's new Helmet bond rule

Mumbai RTO's new Helmet bond rule

Snapshot: Will the new Helmet bond rule by Mumbai RTO would be effective for better road safety?

Mmbai RTO just came out with a new rule which says that two wheeler buyers will not be able to register their vehicle if they don’t submit a written affidavit that they will wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle plus one more affidavit will be submitted from the dealer/seller that states that he (dealer/seller) has sold a helmet along with the two-wheeler. Only after the owner submits both the written affidavits the vehicle will be able to get registered.As told by an official at Andheri RTO office “The buyer will have to give us a declaration on oath that he will wear a helmet and the seller will have to give an affidavit declaring he has sold a helmet along with the two-wheeler. Without the two, we will not register the vehicle. We have been accepting affidavits while issuing driving licences wherein candidates would pledge that they will wear helmets. But the rule is not being implemented,”

We feel that the registration process has just been made complicated, as signing a piece of paper doesn’t guarantee’s that the person will wear a helmet every time they ride a motorcycle and  this rule doesn’t  comes out with the surety that people will stop bribing  every time they get caught while violating a road rule.

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on 2015-04-17 11:28:25

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