MV Agusta introduces the Brutale range in an all new colour scheme

MV Agusta introduces the Brutale range in an all new colour scheme

Snapshot: Now the MV Agusta Brutale range will be more exotic after being painted in an all new colour scheme

The amazing MV Agusta Brutale range will now be available in an all new paint color scheme. The legendary Italian motorcycle manufacturer has decided to give a complete visual transformation by introducing the complete Brutale range in an all new matte white and black options for the standard models and dual colors will be available on the RR model. Apart from this, 1090RR model is updated with chunk of extra graphics. The 1090RR gets new black on grey and metallic graphite on white colors. 

From the press release of MV,“The intense black is the foundation for the contrast with the identifying trim and those fluorescent coloured wheels. In the white pastel version, the contrast is created with the red, which apart from the trim and the badge has also been extended to the chassis.

“The Brutale 1090 RR has even more detailed graphics, all of them metallic and featuring a two-tone appeal: metallic black on metallic aviation grey or metallic graphite on pearl ice white."

If compared to previous years MV has now simplified the Brutale series to a great extent. Earlier Brutale series was composed of multiple capacities of bikes with a lot of versions, now the series is restricted to two bikes only.

Apart from the visuals, there are no technical changes in the Brautale series. The European market pricing of the new Brutale series starts from (not accounting for local taxes) are €14,610 and €18,640.

MV Agusta Brutale runs on an In-line four, four-stroke engine with two maximum power configurations: 144bhp (106 kW) at 10,300 rpm and 158bhp (116.5 kW) at 11,900 rpm. It is equipped with adjustable 8-level traction control and ABS. 

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