Now buy Extended Warranty for your Royal Enfield's

Now buy Extended Warranty for your Royal Enfield's

Snapshot: From 2015 onwards customers will be able to buy extended warranty for their Royal Enfield's in India!

If you are as addicted as us in making certain Mr. Zuckerberg even more rich than he already is and there are many Royal Enfield lovers in your friend list, then you surely must have seen numerous meme's dedicated to the love for Enfield's in the hearts for us Indians, one of them being 'Royal Enfield's do not leak Oil, they mark their territory'. Quality and maintenance issues are not new to the products of the century old legend of motorcycling industry. Infact for the majority of RE owners, these minor issues are indeed part of the character the Royal Enfield's have.

However, as the market share of RE increases, an entirely new set of customers are coming under the umbrella of the Chennai based company deeply rooted in the past. These newer customers desire better quality standards and even better after sales response from RE since by no standards are RE bikes cheap on pocket. To address the concerns of these new customers in sight of Royal Enfield, the company has come out with an extended warranty offer which customers will be able to buy and get a warranty for 2 years or 20,000 km's.

Prior to this, there was no option to extend the warranty of a Royal Enfield bike. You could only avail a standard one year limited warranty. The extended warranty will help boost demand, which the factory hopes will translate into more Royal Enfield owners. Apart from that, Royal Enfield, with a set of new and upgraded engines are now facing fewer problems than on the previous generation motorbikes, making the extended warranty program possible.

With new model launches like the Continental GT which we road tested sometime ago, targeted for global markets, Royal Enfield needs to pick up on its service infrastructure, and looking by the developments, the company is n its way to sort out every niggle in their system in near future.


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on 2015-01-29 11:09:48

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