Now Oberdan Bezzi Conceptualises a Scrambler Baja Racer!

Now Oberdan Bezzi Conceptualises a Scrambler Baja Racer!

Snapshot: Oh! the concept ideas for the Ducati Scramblers just keep pouring in!!!

Oberdan Bezzi is known to conceptualise some pretty interesting concepts based on the motorcycles that may just become a way more awesome through some small customization and speaking of customization, the latest heartthrob of the custom builders throughout the world is the al new Ducati Scrambler. We had talked about how the Ducati Scrambler because of the way it has been designed would inspire its owners and custom builders alike to give it their own personal touch and make it an extension of their own ideas of what a motorcycle should be and we have been proven right by the amount of custom idea that are being talked about by some of the big names in the industry.

The minimalistic design of the Scrambler gives an ode to the simpler times of the world where the motorcycles were more basic without space age materials and electronic wizardry, hence the then bikes were more humane and had a soul unmatched mostly by the today crop of motorcycles. In this concept, Oberdan Bezzi envisioned a Scrambler that would suit the Baja racing event perfectly and for it the affordable Ducati twin has been given some lift, adding some knobbies and of course a Baja-style headlight, the beauty of the concept being that the whole facelift should be easily reproducible for owners and enthusiasts alike.

Why the Ducati Scrambler is an Extremely Important motorcycle?

The Bologna Brand currently has a contest for Ducati dealers to see who can make the most interesting Scrambler custom. We wonder what will our friends at Gurgaon would do about it!


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on 2015-06-09 03:55:37

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