Oil leakage issues in Honda Dream series

Oil leakage issues in Honda Dream series

Snapshot: Dream Neo and Dream Yuga series is facing a major problem of oil leakage due to issues with head gasket and oil ring but official recall from the company is still awaited.

Due to lack of good consumer protection laws in India, most manufacturing companies are able to get away from replacements of faulty parts that is ultimately paid at the owners cost and it is the owner that has to suffer. However, this scene has been slowly changing as some responsible responsible manufacturers are issuing recalls to replace defective parts in certain batches of their products. Recently Honda Dream Neo and Dream Yuga owners are facing a major issue regarding the Head Gasket, leading to leakage of oil. This issue has been noticed in a lot of Dream series bikes.

There are some dealers who are replacing the required parts for free while some are charging the customers who are unaware about this major problem. Till date Honda haven’t issued any official recall to the Dream Neo and Dream Yuga series facing the oil seepage problem. Some of the dealers were contacted by our team and they stated that “we have replaced oil ring's on initial lot of bikes for free and most of the owners haven’t faced any single problem after the replacement while some owners are still facing the same issue”. 

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on 2015-03-31 04:23:28

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