One out of every 4 two-wheelers being sold is a scooter

One out of every 4 two-wheelers being sold is a scooter

Snapshot: According to a data released by SIAM, the share of scooters reached the 25% mark towards the end of 2013-14

On a couple of occasions last year, Honda Activa sold more units than the legendary Hero Splendor, but the Hero Splendor stayed on the number one spot in terms of overall annual sales. Thanks to the turn of events, the scooters are making a re-entry in the Indian market. The scooters are a big hit in the urban market as they are replacing the motorcycles because of being more comfortable and easy to ride through the city traffic.

The scooter market was hit majorly between 1995 and 2005, and it also resulted in Bajaj Auto, which was synonymous to the word scooter in India once, stopping making scooters. It was Honda who took the risk and launched the Activa which soon rode to the history books.

In 2013-14 a total number of 36 lakh scooters were sold, growing at a rate of 23%. This number is almost 25% of 1.5 crores, which is the total number of two-wheelers sold in India.

Such is the love for scooters that in 2013-14, even a premium scooter brand like Vespa that roughly sells its scooter for Rs 65,000 managed to sell approximately 32,000 units.

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