Peru no longer on 2016 Dakar Rally route map!

Peru no longer on 2016 Dakar Rally route map!

Snapshot: Sad news as Peru scrubbed from 2016 Dakar Rally route...

El Nino, the weather phenomena that is known to raise havoc in set weather patterns int he regions it strikes has brought a bad news for the fans of the Dakar Rally who will be dispppointed to know that Peru has been removed from the 2016 Dakar rally route. It is being reported that Peruvian Government has conveyed that in order to deal with the expected El Nino hit in the region, it will, in order to ensure the country's entire emergency and logistical services will not support the 2016 Dakar Rally.

The steps were taken after the Peruvian government declared an emergency in the 14 regions of the country that is in route to get hit by a particularly strong El Nino this year. The government wants to be able to respond to the needs of its citizens who have faced mammoth amount of rains and had an devastating effect on the country's fishing industry in the El Nino's of past. The famous Peru race, Inca Desafio has also been cancelled for 2016.

It has been a disappointing news, since Chile has already been removed from the 2016 Dakar Rally route, which was decided after occurrence of massive mudslides in the northern part of Chile, and near the Dakar course, that forced the Chilean government to re-direct its resources to priorities than an off-road race.

Currently ASO (ASO - Amaury Sport Organisation) is working towards finalizing a new route that would go through Argentina and Bolivia. We expect the route will be declared by September end.


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