Premium motorcycles to cost more in Goa

Premium motorcycles to cost more in Goa

Snapshot: Goa government hikes VAT (value added tax) and registration charges on premium motorcycles

Not a very bright news for people living in Goa and especially the ones planning to upgrade to a premium motorcycle or a car. The government of Goa has made it costlier to buy any premium motorcycle above Rs 2 Lakh by hiking the VAT (value added tax) and registration charges on premium motorcycles. Also the government has hiked the registration charges on motorcycles costing above Rs 1.5 lakh to 10 per cent and hence buying a premium motorcycle of this range and above is costlier in Goa from now on.

This hike has been imposed not only on two-wheelers but also cars. The report says this has been done in order to curb the pollution but we do not understand how it will help on the same cause as it will only encourage to buyers to opt for non-premium motorcycles. And on the other hand engines on the premium bikes/cars are more efficient than the ones on the non-premium vehicles.

The hike imposed on the taxes have resulted in higher price of motorcycles in Goa, for instance, Royal Enfield Classic 500, is now over Rs 10,000 more expensive than before. Other than that even petrol now costs more in Goa due to the VAT hike imposed on petroleum. Share with us your views with us in the comment section below. 

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on 2016-05-11 11:52:28

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