Price Revision throughout the range for Harley Davidson India!

Price Revision throughout the range for Harley Davidson India!

Snapshot: The revised prices for Harley Davidson's entire line-up has been released by the company!!

The year 2015 stamped the fact that the Indian consumer has liven up to the premium motorcycles and we expect this trend to continue as we arrive in 2016 as well. With the Asia's biggest motor show, the 2016 AutoExpo slated to begin early February, 2016 is expected to add some serious fuel to the fire and bring us some hugely anticipated motorcycles to drool upon in the country.

However, one such brand that has for decades now been among the dream manufacturers for motorcycle lovers all over the world, Harley Davidson is sadly skipping the AutoExpo and so does Bajaj Auto (and hence KTM?) and also Harley Davidson's rival in history and legacy, Royal Enfield.

To make sure Harley Davidson fan base and the probable customer don't lose touch with the brand, Harley has just released its revised pricing update for its entire line up being sold in India. The prices have come into effect from January 8th, 2016 and are quoted below for Ex-Showroom New Delhi.

Harley has had a decent year of sales in India, with a few products like the Street 750 doing good sales while a few such as the Superlow suffering from low numbers in retail that saw them being discontinued for 2016 model year in India.

For more information on the same you can visit the Harley Davidson's Indian website. Ride Safe!


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