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Quick Comparison - 2014 Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift Vs Competition

Quick Comparison - 2014 Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift Vs Competition

Snapshot: The new version is just a facelift and not a thorough one so there aren't any significant changes to be seen here. Still they have made some cosmetic changes, added some more features and made some minor tweaks to make it an even better car.

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Maruti Suzuki Swift has been around for a very long time in the Indian market. At first it was introduced just with a petrol engine and it wasn’t an immediate success. But soon they launched it with a diesel engine and people went nuts over it. It started selling like crazies and people waited months to get delivery of their Suzuki Swift diesel. Even after so many years, the car is one of the top sellers in India. But then things keep changing and there is no denying the fact that now there are very strong rivals to this popular hatchback.

To tackle the competition, Maruti Suzuki has recently launched the face lifted version of Swift. The new version is just a facelift and not a thorough one so there aren’t any significant changes to be seen here. Still they have made some cosmetic changes, added some more features and made some minor tweaks to make it an even better car. With lot of fuel efficient cars coming in, Maruti Suzuki has worked on the fuel efficiency of this new car and both the petrol and diesel engines are more efficient now. As we said, there are cosmetic changes to be seen here. You would see a new grille and fresh design of alloy wheels. The front bumper has also been redesigned. The equipment on offer has also improved with this new variant. The mid spec variants get the audio player and auto folding mirrors. The top variants saw the addition of features like Bluetooth connectivity, parking sensors and start stop button. Despite all these additions, there isn’t any significant increase in the prices of the updated Suzuki Swift. We take a look at the rivals that stand against the Swift and how the new car stacks against them.

2014 Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift Vs Hyundai Elite i20
The i20 was already a very impressive vehicle, especially with the diesel engine. The styling was excellent and the diesel engine was powerful enough to outrun most other hatchbacks. With the Elite i20, they have taken their fluidic design scheme even further and called it Fluidic 2.0. The Elite i20 looks so impressive that the Swift looks really dull and out-dated parked next to it. The lines along the side of the car are pronounced. They have blackened the B and C pillar to give a floating roof illusion. The rear looks even prettier with the large wide tail lamps. Just like other Hyundai cars and the past models of i20, the insides of this car are loaded to the brim with features. Even when Maruti Suzuki has improved the interiors of new Swift, the interiors of Elite i20 are a class above. It has got all the features that we saw on the previous generation car and on top of that, there are many features that you generally don’t find in hatchbacks. You get adaptive parking assist, rear air con vents, lane change indicator, audio system with inbuilt storage, cooled glove box, electro chromatic rear view mirror and automatic headlights. All these features really give it an edge over the Swift.

While the update to the i20 has been thorough and they have made a lot of changes to it, they have retained the same engines. The diesel engine is a 1.4 litre unit generating a peak power of 90 bhp. This engine is really nice to drive and over time, they have also sorted the little issues it had earlier. It comes with a six speed manual transmission. This engine is considerably powerful as compared to the 1.3 litre MJD unit found under the hood of swift diesel making it both quicker and faster than the swift. The petrol engine displaces 1.2 litres and generates a peak power of 83 bhp which is the same as new Swift. It comes with a 5 speed transmission. While this engine seems to be similar on paper, the petrol engine on Swift delivers power in a much better fashion. The Suzuki engine is also more efficient and more fun to drive.

2014 Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift Vs Hyundai Grand i10
This is another car that stirred things up when it first came out. The i10 was already a very popular car despite its fair share of flaws and Hyundai replaced it with the bigger and better Grand i10. While the i10 was offered just with a 1.2 litre petrol engine, this one comes with a diesel engine as well. The styling is impressive and immediately tells you that it is a Hyundai. We wouldn’t say that it looks better than the Swift but we would definitely say that it is an impressive looking car. The prominent bumper up front with the flowing headlamps looks nice. Some design elements have been borrowed from the previous generation i20 which is not a bad thing at all. Cabin space is almost similar to the Suzuki Swift. Space was bit of an issue with the standard i10 but things are much better inside Grand i10’s cabin. Seating three adults on the rear won’t be much trouble. On top of that you get decent level of equipment as expected from a Hyundai. Features like climate control, parking sensors, rear AC vents, and audio player with internal storage are on offer here. This makes it a feature rich car at a justified price.The Suzuki Swift is feature rich as well but misses out on couple of features offered by the Grand i10.

Powering this car is the 1.2 litre Kappa engine from the i10. It generates a peak power of 80 bhp, slightly less than what it makes under the hood of Elite i20. It comes mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. The engine is reasonably powerful and makes enough power for effortless high speed highway cruising. It is easy to drive around the city as well. The diesel engine here is a 1.1 litre three cylinder engine generating peak power of 71 bhp. The engine is a bit underpowered and is nowhere as good as what you find in the Swift. There is a huge difference in torque output as well which brings about the difference in performance. The swift feels quicker while overtaking while there are times when the diesel Grand i10 struggles to accelerate.

2014 Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift Vs Fiat Punto Evo
The previous generation Punto was a very nice car and apart from the interiors, there was not much that you could complain about. The design was very attractive and it was an excellent handler. Now with the new car they have improved the interiors and changed the exteriors. I won’t use the word ‘improved’ for the design because I liked the previous variant more but that is just personal opinion. The new version still looks pretty impressive; after all it is a FIAT. The car looks bigger than Swift and better as well. While the Swift has got a neutral stance, the Punto has got a forward leaning stance which looks nice. The interiors of the previous generation FIAT Punto were disappointing. The plastics used were bad and didn’t feel like they belong to a premium hatchback. This variant however gets new interiors which look and feel way better as compared to the previous car. They look pretty impressive and are just as good as Swift’s interiors. Equipment level is almost same on both the cars so they are evenly matched here as well. The car is spacious and you also get decent boot space in the car.

The dynamics of the car are very impressive and both the handling and ride is better than the Swift. Not that the Swift is any bad but the Punto is just a bit better. While the Swift comes with just two engine options, the Punto is offered with four different engines. For the petrol variants, you can choose from 1.2 litre engine that generates 67 bhp and the other one is 1.4 litre engine that generates peak power of 89 bhp. The engines aren’t exactly very impressive and the 1.2 litre engine feels underpowered. Swift definitely has a better petrol engine. While both the Punto and Swift share the same diesel engine, it is available in two different states of tune on the Punto. Apart from the 75 bhp variant, you can also have the 90 bhp variant of this engine on the Emotion Pack variant. While Fiat has developed both the engines, the Suzuki Swift manages to be more efficient as compared to Punto.

2014 Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift Vs Ford Figo Facelift
This is a very impressive car and really a tough rival to the Suzuki Swift. Yes it doesn’t look as flashy as the Suzuki Swift and might not feel as premium but it is an excellent car. It is built very well although the low stance and straight lines make it look tiny. In terms of looks, the Suzuki Swift wins hands down but that doesn’t mean the Figo doesn’t look good. Although the ground clearance of the car might be an issue on the roads here. People have been complaining about scraping its belly over bad roads and speed bumps. It is also a bit hard getting in and out of the car but it is still very comfortable once you are in the car. The interiors don’t look very flashy and the Swift has got a better feel to it. The level of equipment is decent though there are a couple of things like automatic climate control that we would like to see here. Other features that you find on the Swift like steering mounted audio controls, two din music system, USB, Bluetooth and fog lamps. The air con system on the Figo is very impressive and even in the worst of temperatures; it cools down the car in no time at all. While the Swift has got a good air con as well, the Figo is just better. The seats are very supportive and from the outside, you don’t actually feel that it is so spacious on the inside. The Swift is not very spacious on the rear and the small glass windows make it feel cramped.

The car is offered with both petrol and diesel engine options. The diesel engine displaces 1.4 litres but generates a rather unimpressive peak power of 68 bhp. The Swift diesel generates more power but the power delivery of the Ford is excellent. Most hatchbacks are used for urban commute and this is where the Ford Figo diesel shines. There is no turbo lag at all and you feel like you are driving a naturally aspirated car. Also the low end torque makes it easy to overtake effortlessly. The gearshifts and steering are very impressive and while the Swift has got a nice steering, it is nowhere as good. You would really love to drive the car around twisting roads and the steering weighs up with speed. The petrol variant displaces 1.2 litres and generates a peak power of 70 bhp. It is also pretty good and quick off the line. It gains speed quickly but the Swift petrol generates more power and is more fun to drive. Overall this car is an excellent package and we would actually recommend it over Swift diesel. However if you are looking for petrol car, Swift would be a better option.

2014 Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift Vs Tata Zest
We are going to make a big claim here but this is one of the best cars we have seen from Tata Motors. They have worked really hard on this car and their engineers have poured in long hours to come up with this excellent package. While it is based on the same platform as Indica, it looks very different. They have retained the family resemblance but there are lot of minor details that make it an impressive design. Like if you notice the tail lamp closely, you will realise what all has been done to the simple lamp to make it look impressive. All the variants get attractive 15 inch alloy wheels and chrome inserts as standard. The interiors are a huge upgrade from what we generally expect from Tata cars. On the top variants you get more equipment as compared to the Swift. The touchscreen infotainment system has been developed for the car by Harman. Plus you get climate control, electrically adjustable mirrors, parking sensors, adjustable rear view mirrors and dual tone upholstery. Projector head lamps are available across multiple variants and the top variant also get LED DRLs. It was being said that the Swift will get DRLs but that didn’t happen.

The diesel engine on the Zest is same as Suzuki Swift however except for the base model; it generates 90 bhp in the Zest as compared to 75 bhp on the Swift. Also it is available with AMT transmission making it first car in the class to offer that. On the Swift diesel, you can just have the manual box. The petrol engine on Zest is also very impressive. The 1.2 litre Revotron engine is a turbocharged petrol engine generating a peak power of 90 bhp. While the power isn’t very high, the addition of turbo has helped the drivability of this car. There is plenty of torque available through the rev range. You also get three different driving modes to choose from so that you can boost efficiency or performance.

2014 Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift Vs Honda Brio
This car hasn’t been selling very well for a while now but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great car. In fact it is an excellent car which is hard to flaw. It is just that Honda is occupied with the newer models while ignoring this cute little hatchback. It looks really very pretty and it was a fresh design when it first came out. However there are people who say just the opposite so we would say it is more of a personal choice. The sloping waistline looks really nice and the large glass section on the rear give it a sporty look. It looks smaller than the Swift but inside it has got lot of space just like you would expect from a Honda. The quality of material used is good but the overall feel is a bit better in the Swift. However it has more practical interiors with better steering wheel, seats, more space and better legroom. The headroom might be an issue for tall people sitting in the rear seat but it is not very good in the Swift either. The level of equipment offered is better on the Swift as compared to the Brio.


The Honda Brio is available only with one petrol engine. There is no diesel engine on offer. The petrol engine displaces 1.2 litres and generates a peak power of 88 bhp. It is a really nice engine and comes with Honda i-VTEC technology. The engine doesn’t mind being revved and can sprint to decent speeds quickly. The ride quality is good and very comfortable for tackling bad roads. However it is tuned for comfort and the car tends to hop around at three digit speeds. As a city car, it is better than Swift but if your driving includes highways, Swift would serve you better.

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