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Rajya Sabha Passed the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019

Rajya Sabha Passed the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019

Snapshot: Rajya Sabha has cleared the decks bypassing the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019 with three Government amendments. It will go back to Lok Sabha for rectification.

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  • The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019 is not far away from becoming an Act.

  • The Upper House has passed the bill with a voice vote with 108 Ayes in favour of the Bill and 13 voices against it.

The much-awaited Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill has passed scrutiny from the Rajya Sabha with the Upper House clearing it with 108 to 13 voice vote. The President will now give his consent for the Bill to become an Act.  

The Union Minister-in-charge of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, opined that the Bill would pave for a safe, efficient, and corruption-free transport system in India. Some of the significant changes are as follows.

Traffic Offence

Proposed Penalty

Disregarding traffic signals or using mobile phones while driving

Fine of Rs 5,000 and a jail term up to one year

Travelling without a valid ticket

Rs 500

Disobedience of orders

Rs 2,000

Unauthorised usage of vehicles without licence

Rs 5,000

Driving without a valid licence

Rs 5,000

Driving in spite of disqualifications

Rs 10,000

Over speeding

LMV – Rs 1,000

MPV – Rs 2,000

Dangerous driving

Rs 5,000

Driving under the influence of alcohol

Rs 10,000

Driving without a valid permit

Rs 10,000

Overloading of vehicles

Goods – Rs 2,000 per additional tonne

Passengers – Rs 1,000 per additional passenger 

Driving without a seat belt

Rs 1,000

Overloading of 2-wheelers

Rs 2,000 leading to disqualification of driving licence for three months

Riding without helmet 

Rs 1,000 with the disqualification of licence for up to three months


The following are some of the new provisions in the Bill.

Oversize vehicles

Rs 5,000

Violating licensing conditions by aggregators

Rs 1 lakhs

Not giving way to emergency vehicles

Rs 10,000

Traffic violations by juveniles

Guardian will pay Rs 25,000 as fine 

Three-year imprisonment depending on the gravity of the act

The juvenile will face trial under the Juvenile Justice Act

Cancellation of registration of the vehicle

Nitin Gadkari says that these stringent measures could go on to deter people and thereby, reduce fatal accidents on the roads. The Bill also proposes to hold vehicle manufacturers responsible for non-compliance of motor vehicle standards. The penalty could go up to Rs 100 Crores and imprisonment up to one year. Road contractors failing to design roads matching the latest criteria face a penalty of Rs 1 lakh.

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The Bill proposes to bring changes to the insurance aspects.

  • Maximum 3rd party insurance – Rs 10 lakhs for death and Rs 5 lakhs for injuries

  • Cashless treatment of accident victims during the critical golden hour

The Bill also proposes to provide relief to good Samaritans.

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