RE and HD's most ambitious projects head to head in Sales!

RE and HD's most ambitious projects head to head in Sales!

Snapshot: Two Iconic Brands, Two Ambitious Motorcycles and one Demographic!

The automotive industry throughout the world is at an interesting point in time. The Small Capacity (both in terms of cubic capacities and volumes) are gearing up for the next level and ramping up their small units to bring big models while the big powerful makers are going down with lower capacity models. Everyone wants a pie of everything it seems.

Royal Enfield last year came out with their most advanced and ambitious motorcycle till date, the reincarnation of an old legend from the golden era of motorcycles, the Continental GT. It is not only there, lightest, fastest but also their most expensive model till date. On the other hand, Harley -Davidson brought their entry level, specific to the developing world customers motorcycle, The Street 750. It has got all the aura of any true blue Harley Davidson, but still is contemporary and feels at home to the challenges developing nations like ours can throw to it.

The Continental GT and the Street 750 have been pitted against each other a lot, even though being absolute diametrically opposite in terms of concept for the sole reason of being such ambitious projects by two companies that are iconic and legendary in the history of motorcycles. It seems that Harley Davidson India have hit the nail right on the head with the product placement of the Street 750. 

It was safe enough to predict that the new baby Harley would go on to be the brand’s bestseller in India, and so it has and more. Intriguing sales figures reveal that the new Street 750’s numbers are alarmingly hovering around the Royal Enfiled Continental GT’s mark- a motorcycle that bears almost one-third of the price-tag that the Street 750 commands. In October 2014 alone, Harley Davidson India shifted 212 units of the Street 750 and for the period of April-October 2014, the baby Harley sold 1,904 units, hot on the heels of  Royal Enfield’s Continental GT which could muster 2,035 units in the same period. That’s a pretty commendable effort from the Street 750, as for the price of one, a couple of Continental GTs can be acquired, with some more change to spare. 

While the flagship Royal Enfield starts At Rs. 1,94,617 INR, the HD Street 750 will set one back by Rs. 4,27,230 INR. However the Café Racer from RE is the best-selling motorcycle in the 500-800 cc segment, closely followed by the DH Street 750.

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