RE updates Continental GT with Dark Green shade, Yellow gets discontinued!

RE updates Continental GT with Dark Green shade, Yellow gets discontinued!

Snapshot: Now that's what we call green!! RE launches Continental GT in Dark Green shade called GT Green!!

In these times when anyone goes green they tend to let the world know about it, however, Royal Enfield Continental GT just went green and almost silently. And, let's face it, this is the sort of green that we all admire, dark, retro and regal. News reports are coming in that Royal Enfield have given its flagship master class, the Continental GT an all new shade to add oomph to the already super cool motorcycle. Called the GT Green this new shade redefines the colour shade into coolness.

However, on a sad note, RE has also discontinued our favourite colour shade on our beloved Conti, Yellow. Thus, there are still three colours one can choose their Continental GT in, but this time around a dark green takes over the mantle from the yellow one, the rest of the two colour options being Red and Black. Royal Enfield has also given a tanned look to the seat cover to match the retro-ness of the new green shade and we reckon it has made the bike to look even better than before. Also, the Gold finish on the rear Paoli suspension has been continued and it does add a touch of old school sportiness to the bike.

It is a bit unfortunate that the best Royal Enfield till date hasn't got the sales counter jumping in joy as much as its other family members, but there is no doubt that the Conti held's a special place in the Indian motorcycle market and has indeed carved a niche for itself in the mid-displacement segment. With is flat clip-on's, bare minimum thin and ean lines, there is nothing that looks like the Continental GT on the roads and it is as authentic a cafe racer of the old as there can ever be.

Powering the new Continental GT is the same 535cc single spark long stroke thumper engine that delivers 29.1bhp and a staggering 44Nm of peak torque output, combined to a chassis designed specifically for it by Harris Engineering giving the bike incredible handling and agility for a Royal Enfield. Add to it the presence of floating disc Brembo brakes at the front, 41mm front telescopic suspension and Pirelli Sport Demon doing duty on both ends and you have one sweet handling corner carving machine, that can give a traditional RE customer some real cultural shock, but a sheer beauty nevertheless.

You can read our Road Test Review of the Royal Enfield Continental GT here on this link and can also watch the video review of the same on by clicking here!

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