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Renault Launches 'Inter-country battle' for Captur

Renault Launches 'Inter-country battle' for Captur

Snapshot: Renault announced a new activity which called “Inter country battle.”

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The news media, particularly the electronic media are changing the concept of how car manufacturers reach out and interact with their customers.  Car manufacturers, like other industries have realized that electronic media is one way to reach millions of prospective customers across the world.  Facebook, Google and Microsoft Xbox have changed the way people buy cars and how car manufacturers interact with their customers.  Major car manufacturers have their own facebook pages like individuals. They understand that this is a new way to reach new segment of audience effortlessly.  Renault has its own official facebook page, started in 2009, where they post topics of interest and information about new products. They claim that they already have nearly 400,000 fans following on their international Renault facebook page. Recently they announced a new activity which called “Inter country battle.” 

This innovative activity posted on the official page of car manufacturer Renault tells its fans that they now have a chance to take part in an innovative contest.  They can vote on the facebook for colors of their countries and Renault would make a special Captur in the colors of the country which gets maximum votes.  The voting is open from March 5 and will close on March 17. It is only available to fans of Renault cars.

This contest was announced in the annual motor show in Geneva recently. Already the fans have started a facebook campaign to recruit as many fans as possible to vote for their country’s colors. As soon as the counting of votes is finished and the winning country is declared, Renault will make one version of Captur in the colors of the winning country.  This car would be displayed for a whole year in the special events conducted by Renault and in car shows. The fans of the winning country colors on Captur can enter a draw.  As a bumper prize winners they stand once in a lifetime opportunity to go to 2013 Film festival at Cannes and walk down the red carpet as a very important person. 

Mr. F deGoldiem, a senior executive in the Renault, said that through this activity the company is trying to highlight the unique features of the Captur, which in his words attracts people because of its very innovative “design.”