Road Glide returns to Harley Davidson's lineup for 2015

Road Glide returns to Harley Davidson's lineup for 2015

Snapshot: The model has been reintroduced after it was taken off from the company's 2014 lineup

Harley Davidson has decided to reintroduce its famous touring motorcycle - The Road Glide - for 2015. The new Road Glide has a redesigned 'Shark Nose' for which it was known for. It also has a touch-screen audio and navigation system which makes it extremely easy for the rider to use while riding. It will also come preloaded with its signature dual headlamps but this time with LEDs. The premium model will come with integrated front and rear anti-lock brakes, hand adjustable rear suspension, and an exclusive painted inner fairing and hand-applied pinstriping.

The bike will be powered by a 1,690cc engine which will produce a earth-grinding 142Nm of torque, the optimum power mark has not been revealed by the manufacturer.

Commenting on the new motorcycle, Mr. Michael Goche, Product Planning Manager said, "The Road Glide has always been a bike for a rider who's cut from a different cloth, a person who wants to make a statement. This new model respects that spirit while offering a significant improvement in aerodynamic and ergonomic comfort, LED lighting and the full suite of Project Rushmore features."

The new lot will arrive in American dealerships by August 26 with a price tag of $23,199 (Rs. 14.18 lakhs).

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