Ronax 500 brings you a step closer to attain nirvana

Ronax 500 brings you a step closer to attain nirvana

Snapshot: Ronax 500 is a motorcycle which is powered by a V4 500 cc engine that delivers a mouth watering 160 horses, but is a two-stroke which makes it much more blood thirsty than anything you have ever known or heard of

There is a reason why me and, many would agree to me on this, millions of people across the world respect the MotoGP riders from the 70s, 80s and 90s. You could either like Kevin Schwantz or Wayne Rainey, Valentino Rossi or Max Biaggi, Barry Sheene or Kenny Roberts, because that was an era when racing in MotoGP was life threatening and the rivalry had more to do with talent than having a good motorcycle. It was a common thing to spot a rider walking with a slight limp because of the number of screws he had in his body. That is still the same very reason why there is an immense respect for Valentino Rossi as he was the last rider to win the premium class on a two-stroke monster.

Ronax, a German company that has a good experience in two-stroke racing has decided to go against the flow of the stream. In an age where every manufacturer is either going electric or trying to find a less fuel consuming technology, Ronax has decided to launch a V4, 500 cc, two-stroke MotoGP bike for the street use. It is inspired by Rossi's 2001 Nastro Azzurro Honda on which he won his first MotoGP title. The fairing design is very similar especially the air intake on the nose which also accommodates Ronax's LED headlights. Ronax is not saying a word about its strong resemblance to Honda's NSR500 or Valentino Rossi, but it is impossible not to notice the sticker at the rear which looks like Rossi's 46 almost in the same font, and if I tell you that only 46 of these machines will be made, you will end up smiling too.

The two set of cylinders are split from each other at an angle of 80° and are provided food by a fuel injection system. The engine churns a maximum of 160 bhp of power at 11,500 rpm which might not be much as compared to other superbikes available around, but the pistons travel twice in the same no of cycles which makes it a very risky proposition. Two Brembos at the front and one at the back with Ohlins at the front and a TTX monoshock at the rear were no surprise to us. The complete bodywork, self-supporting tail and fuel tank are all made of carbon fiber which lowers the weight to a mere 145 kg dry. Each of the 46 machines available will arrive with a price tag of € 1,00,000 (Rs 80,00,000 approx) which is a steep price for most of the enthusiasts irrespective of which part of the globe they belong to.


Here is the promotional video Ronax has released for the 500

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